Glaziers Hall
9 Montague Close
London SE1 9DD


8th July 2018
11.00am to 3.00pm        Admission £5
Early entry (10.00am to 11.00) £10


The fair, the largest of its type in the world, is held twice a year in April and October. It attracts dealers and collectors from all over the world and presents an amazing display of antique instruments of science, medicine and technology. You will find microscopes, telescopes, maritime antiques, surveyor's instruments, globes, pharmaceutical and medical sets, electrostatic machines, magic lanterns, optical toys, corkscrews, clocks, compasses, architect's drawing sets, books, rules, orreries, calculating machines, early telegraph equipment . . . . . and all available for purchase from as little as a few pounds! In 2017 the fair moves into its 31st year and the October fair will be the 61st!!

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  Please Note: The Scientific Instrument Society has taken over the running of the fair and the next fair will be held at Glaziers Hall, London. For further information check the society's web site at


Images from past fairs . . . . .