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Antique Scientific Instrument Fair Blog

Scientific Instrument Society

Quekett Microscopical Club The UK's best-known microscopy society

Fleaglass The world's biggest and best marketplace for antique scientific and medical instruments

Planetarium Zuylenburgh

Whipple Museum, Cambridge

Oxford Museum of the History of Science

The Rock Exchange The UK's biggest earth science fair

The Oughtred Society  Slide rules and calculating machines

Teylers Museum  Superb Dutch museum (Haarlem) for scientific instruments

The Cathode Ray Tube Site All manner of discharge tubes on display

The Spark Museum Antique communications items

The Electrotherapy Museum  Apparatus for delivering life-giving electricity to the human body

The Science Museum Britain's national museum of science

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry Cotton processing is well-represented here (understandably!)

Kilokat's Antique Lightbulb Site  Light bulbs, obviously, but discharge tubes etc. also

Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Not as restrictive as the title suggests - a wide range of instruments

The Virtual Museum of Mineralogy An excellent site for antique mineralogy and crystallography items

The International Society of Scale Collectors (Europe) For collectors of weights and scales